We advice and support you

In the search for new business opportunities related to R&D, innovation and other investment possibilities.


How could we help you?

We work side-by-side with our clients through the entire process of managing a project, so that clients can remain fully focussed on their core business activities:

  • Analysis of the project idea and adaptation to national and European calls for proposals.
  • Preparation of the proposal and formation of the corresponding consortium of companies and research centres.
  • Implementation of the project once financing is secured.
  • We also offer support in the communication, diffusion and exploitation of results.

We analyze, together with the client, all their ideas concerning a project (new research, new business, new products, new services…).

We gather data and in-depth research to develop a critical analysis of the probability of success of the project idea.

We look for the right partners for the project through our consolidated network of contacts, which is constantly evolving.

We propose a plan of action, detailing the appropriate methodology and procedures to be followed.

Once an action plan has been agreed upon with a client, preparation of the project proposal begins.

In this phase, we consolidate the technical and financial information concerning the idea, specifying the justification of the project concept, how the established objectives will be met, and the resources required to do so. The result may take the form of:

  • A request for proposal to submit to a public body (e.g. MINECO, CDTI, European Commission, African Development Bank…).
  • A business model for an entrepreneurial initiative to present to a network of investors.
  • A business plan for an innovative idea to seek financing.

Once a project has been accepted, we provide support in the negotiations to formally obtain funding.
Negotiations can take place on several fronts:

  • With the public body providing a grant.
  • With an investor interested in the idea.
  • With the other partners in the consortium.
  • With the entity offering support to the entrepreneur.

Once a project is formalized and negotiations are closed with the corresponding entities, the adventure begins. Our role translates into offering support in the following areas:

  • Definition of the Project Management Team.
  • Management of Coordination Meetings for the various committees.
  • Communication between all parties involved, both internal and external to the project.
  • Preparation of the economic and technical justification reports that are required by the entities supporting the project.
  • Monitoring the quality of information transmitted as the project develops (Quality Assurance Management).
  • Budget tracking and control.
  • Protection of intellectual property resulting from the project.
  • Transfer of results, diffusion and management of knowledge, and exploitation of project results, identifying the tools most likely to guarantee success.

Ex-ante funding for R&D+i

Analysis of requirements and identification of funding opportunities suitable to clients’ needs:

  • We manage all types of financial aid for R&D and innovation at regional, national and international levels.
  • We manage other types of financial aid for R&D and innovation (private financing, participatory loans).

Preparation of proposals and tenders, and subsequent management thereof:

  • Preparation of all technical, administrative and financial documentation.
  • Negotiation with funding bodies.
  • Technical, financial and administrative management of projects.
  • Assistance in the communication and diffusion of results.

Ex-post funding for R&D+i

Management of tax deductions for R&D and innovation, Social Security bonuses for R&D, and procurement of the Innovative SME stamp.

  • Identification of projects involving R&D and innovation carried out by the company.
  • Preparation and presentation of all documentation required to obtain a reasoned report from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (binding to the Treasury).


  • Benefits of obtaining a reasoned report for an R&D+i project:
    • Right to tax deductions for R&D of up to 25% of expenses on R&D.
    • Right to tax deductions for technological innovation of up to 13% of expenses on R&D.
  • Benefits of Social Security bonuses for staff involved in R&D+i:
    • Subsidy of up to 40% of Social Security costs.
    • Not compatible with tax deductions for R&D or innovation, but compatible with Ex-ante funding for R&D+i.
  • Benefits of obtaining the Innovative SME stamp:
    • Compatibility with Social Security bonuses and R&D tax deductions.
    • Access to specific financing, such as ICO lines of funding for Innovative Companies.
    • Advantages in processes of public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI).

Intellectual Property

We provide advice and support for clients in the development and implementation of strategies for the monetization and exploitation of technology and intangible assets.


Our services include:

  • Valuation of intangible assets.
  • Auditing of industrial and intellectual property portfolios.
  • “Technology scouting” – development of technological maps, competitive analysis of technologies, identification of emerging technologies.
  • Consultancy in industrial and intellectual property management.
  • Development of policy for industrial property management and know-how management.
  • Advice on technology transfer.
  • Due diligence in technological transactions.
  • Definition of strategies for protection, collaboration, exploitation, defence and internationalization of intangible assets.
  • Advice on management of industrial and intellectual property in R&D+i projects and in collaborative environments.

Digital Innovation Communities

SMEBOOK is an Open Innovation platform

Underpinned by Artificial Intelligence, that brings together SMEs, startups, corporates, universities, research centres, clusters, policy-makers, investors and business support services firms with the aim of facilitating partnerships to boost the innovation process in Europe. SMEBOOK is providing technological companies with a matching algorithm, which is capable of recommending partnerships according to needs and interests. Additionally, SMEBOOK can also be used as a smart Innovation Hubs builder, what allows for setting up customised ecosystems.or communities around any topic.

In terms of functionalities, the platform allows registered companies to do the following:

  • Find partners in a smart way through the matching algorithm
  • Build their own network of partners/companies
  • Create an internal network of users/departments within the own organisation
  • Publish offers and demands for products/services and be notified of those that may be relevant to the company.
  • Create communities around any topic so that companies can shape innovation ecosystems
  • Interact through the platform by means of a chat/messaging system
  • Possibility of scheduling and holding virtual meetings through a videoconference system integrated into the platform, SMEBOOK Rooms (end-to-end encryption)

Green Deal Innovation Hub in SMEBOOK

Green Deal Innovation Hub aims to bring together European organisations that work on green technologies and strategies to mitigate the impact of a society and a market adapted to high levels of natural resource consumption, which generates environmental issues such as climate change, a loss of biodiversity, ozone depletion, water pollution, urban stress, waste production and more.

The objectives of Green Deal Innovation Hub are to share knowledge and make targeted technological offers/demands around Green Deal, look for partners, organize webinars, B2Bs and trainings. To fundraise public funding will be a key activity in the coming months to maintain the hub and provide more tailored innovation services.

Other Services

Due to our experience and involvement in various international innovation projects we can provide strategic advice in the following areas:

  • Industrial Biotechnology.
  • Advanced production systems in Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture based on Industry 4.0.
  • Innovative systems and practices to promote active, healthy and sustainable ageing.

    We assist our customers through the entire innovation project management cycle, from the idea to the commercial product.